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In March my Frigidaire refrigerator was 7 months old. I was working in my office across the house from my kitchen when I smelled smoke.

When I went to the living room I could see the kitchen was filled with smoke. I grabbed the phone and went outside to call the fire department. They came in 3 minutes and went right to the refrigerator (which I found strange), but sure enough the switch in the ref caught on fire and melted all the wiring and motor. I called the place I bought the ref- they said they couldn't get anyone out for a week (p.s.

avoid John's Appliance) but gave me a number to call Frigidaire direct- they sent someone that day. Impressed? Don't be. It was a cause of pulling a fast one on a customer and getting away with fraud.

Sooooo this person charged me $75.00 to tell me that Frigidaire would supply all the part but it would cost me about $500.00 for him to put them in. I called several management levels at Frigidaire only to be told too bad, the parts are all they will give. Because I used their repair man they then claimed it was repairable so my insurance company couldn't cover it. The people I bought a new refrigerator from said they were junking the Frigidaire because it was not repairable, free part or not.

So I'm out $1,600. for a new fridge, (NOT a Frigidaire!!!!) and cannot get medical treatment I needed this year. But don't worry the big company Frigidaire and the big insurance companies are not out anything. DO NOT BUY Frigidaire- it could kill you and they wouldn't give a ***.

By the way same thing happened to a man and his family only they were sleeping and lucky the smoke alarm went off.

Isn't the government supposed to protect the consumers, and American public from shading dealings and dangerous products? Another fail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Dangerous product and failure to make good.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Do not honor product warranty, Bad customer service, Rude slimy cheaters.

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Consider suing Frigidaire!!! Seriously, contact an attorney.

You may be able to get punitive damages against Frigidaire in addition to getting your money back. Frigidaire doesn't want this to turn into a class action. This has happened to so many people, and your story is particularly egregious.

You should be able to get a nice settlement. If you're not willing to do all that, at least file in small claims.


Are you implying that Frigidaire and the fire department are in cahoots to burn your house down? Holy ***. This is some 9/11 conspiracy garbage.

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