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In August, 2003 we decided to upgrade our 11 year old working GE refrigerator in our cottage with an upscale Frigidaire Model.

We bought the model from Future Shop in Montreal and took it to our cottage an hour from home in Malone, NY.

It was bigger and with more bells and whistles than good old reliable and our only complaint from the beginning was that on it's own every so often it would go into defrost mode , then click back to normal.Warranty was up in 2008 and the problem got worse.Two friends bought the identical fridge and had the same problem. One fridge packed it in after 5 years and the serviceman said it would be better to buy a new one, ours did the same last week and the third one is ready to pack it in.

Talking to Customer support was a nightmare, We were switched from Frigidaire USA, to Frigidaire CAN and they couldn't decide who should service this piece of junk.On a couple of occasions we couldn't understand a word the third world country rep. was talking about but felt relieved because he said we were covered for 10 years.

When we called to find a serviceman in Malone , We were told that since the warranty was up , so sad too bad it's your bill.

Two long days later the Service man called to inform us to buy a new fridge as it would be too costly a repair. Three different dept. stores told us to buy Maytag, Whirlpool, LG GE. That makes us feel good about our other GE appliances. I am posting a review on FAcebook so my children grandchildren, friends and their families aren't taken in like we were.

Our Motto is Electrolux should stick to making Vacuum Cleaners!

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eric reicher

We have a Frigidare side by side purhased in May, 2005.In the last year we have pumped $900

into this piece of ***.

It just died again, one month after the 90 day warranty was up. Don't buy ELECTROLUX products.

No when to hold them, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run.JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!!!!!!!


I am contemplating buying a Fridgeaire side by side refridgerator..I found mixed reviews on this brand..Advise which brand has the least maintenance problems.???Dan R.


I bought a 18 cu ft Frigidaire on Jan 4th 2008 from "The Brick".

It packed it in recently.The service guy said it was not worth the repair.

I believe the coolant is stuck.

These fancy new "environmentally friendly" appliances seem to be creating an awful lot of landfill.That should be illegal!

James Burns

We have a Frigidaire dishwasher and the pump conveniently went out just after the one year warranty. Now the cost to replace it is the cost of a new one so I have a huge $500 piece of junk in my kitchen and their customer service response was we are sorry and not offer of a solution or meet you half way.


My Fridgidare refrigerator is 10 years old.Last night one of the glass shelves shattered when I put a jar on it.

The bottom drawers are so cracked that I have taken one out.I have duct tape keeping the door shelves on since I got tired of opening the door and having the entire shelf contents fall on the floor.

Time for a new non-Fridgidare refrigerator?


The moral of all these Electrolux Frigidare Stories is to stay away from anything with their name on the appliance. I have my new refrigerator and couldn't afford the model I had purchased from Frigidaire but am relieved to know I have bought from a company that Care!!

My only problem is I have two other 5 year old Frigidaire appliances and from past experience know that when they go I will be buying new appliances.

Customer service is deplorable!!We had similar experiences to yours.We spent days on the telephone to agents who didd't give a *** and others who couldn't understand what we were talking about and gave us the wrong information.


I forgot to add that I called customer service, and after being told to call other numbers, finally reached the appropriate person.

The verdict? All Electrolux refrigerators built 2006 or later have no warranty.


I bought an Electrolux fridge, a stacked unit with freezer on top and fridge on bottom for one of my apartment rentals.

Not even a year later, it leaked all of its coolant. Repair quote was $450. I bought the fridge from Best Buy for $560 out the door.

What a piece of garbage. Stay away.

Atascadero, California, United States #149485

Did you try to purchase this fridge at a local store first?We have purchased all our appliances from Flemings furniture in Malone, NY.

Their prices are always competitive and their service always goes above and beyond.

Our frigidaire fridge and washer has given us fits for years, but Flemings always shows up very quickly and takes care of the problem.Hope this helps.


Would you believe that this $850. refrigerator bought 7 years ago packed it in and the only thing we were told by the servicemen was it would be better to buy a new one.

We did do that but I don't want others to make this mistake!

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