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Bought a new dishwasher 3 months into it it broke after that waited 3 months still waiting to get either replaced they send people out six times already 3 months later still not no dishwasher working they keep running me around instead of just replacing it I'm telling I worked for a company that sells Frigidaire every customer that I come in I'm going to tell him exactly my experience how Frigidaire is a big this joke I ever seen in my entire life I would never ever ever ever sell a Frigidaire to anyone I would explain to them extremely how terrible their way of getting yourself fixed if something breaks so everybody that comes in to buy an order of refrigerator I will explain to them if you buy a Frigidaire product you will have the worst worse time trying to get it replaced or fixed they run you around they're just a big joke if I knew it was going to be like this I would never buy one myself something to tell everybody out there now do not buy a frigerator if you do you would not have a good experience with them I promise you that.

User's recommendation: Just telling everyone I recommend no one to buy a Frigidaire unless you want to go months and months and months to maybe get it repaired or replaced possible 3 months later still the same joke same game waiting waiting waiting spend a lot of money for a new dishwasher to use it for 3 months and haven't used it since then is it for 3 months and then broke for 3 months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Replacement of the broken trash item. .

Frigidaire Cons: 3 months later still no dishwasher working.

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