Got to tell everyone about my experience with Frigidaire. A few years back we purchased a dishwasher from Frigidaire and within 2 months it was not working.

They wanted to come fix it but I insisted a new one. They came out to replace it and that one would not run at all. We thought third times a charm but again we had issues, the bottom was busted and water went everywhere. Again they replaced it and much to our surprise we are having issues again.

We purchased a stainless steel one not only for the durability but for looks. This week I noticed that the stainless steel was peeling from the front. How does stainless steel peel? Again we called the company and they have no explanation as to why or how this could happen and said they would not help resolve this issue.

You would think a company as big as they are not only would produce great products but would stand by them as well. Frigidaire is not customer oriented at all and I would encourage everyone not to buy any of their products as well as Electrolux as they are one in the same

Monetary Loss: $800.

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