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The supervisor was nice to my wife my wife says but my wife was frustrated by all the unneccessary calls cause she did not know the problem?

The supervisor said she would refund half of whatever parts cost after repairman fixes then to mail you a copy of the receipt.

The Repairman said he had to order parts.

Now I have to deal with this frustration from your rep chantelle with another problem a rep saying the supervisor will not will not refund me now because we didn't call her and order parts we had no idea to order?

When I called frigidaire and ask for the address rep woud not respond that info back to me and just responded no refund now. See ya'll do not really try to go out of your way to help the customer.

perfect example not even an address on my opinion you really do not want to make anything right or easy for the customer even if that make the customer happy. The very first guy rep we spoke to back in October was the best!!! He was professional kind caring out of all your reps we spoke to by far! After that it felt very aggravating to to call dreaded actually for coverage or deal with other reps or find out any info about appliance what was going on with it?

After all was a fairly new appliance we bought. Now your going back on your word again to the customer.

According to your rep because

the customer did not order the


The repairman said he had to order parts not us! We dont know what to order? Maybe you should of sent your customer the bulletin then.

I was a paying customer who purchasd your appliance less than 2 yrs ago...

that will change now. So I have an Appliance company looking out for themselves. I have Frigidaire company looking out for themselves! But no body wants to look out for the customer!


This is not good for customer relations in the future. Don't want to buy any Frigidaire appliances again!

You put frigid in the word frigidaire . Too much of a headache and waist of time. I spent thousands of dollars on a frigidaire line.

At first I did have coverage then we canceled when I thght I fixed by replacing the fuse ? but your appliance had problems one switch won't fix problem according to your bulletins everybody knows about except for the customers! but we were unaware of your bulletin!!

The Appliance companies are only are told about the problem you have to have to replace all 3 switches and the holder

Bcause of your problem which we weren't privy to.

It kept blowing fuses and my breaker! Now we know after the facts are in.

Hopefully your appliance didn't mess the breaker up that would be another bill for the customer to have to fix from your appliance.

I think your sale prices should be way lower. You hide bulletins and important info relating to an appliance afrom the paying customer. We discovered that info after the fact.

Technical Service bulletin was sent to appliance repair places only about how to fix this problem we had no idea. Frigidaire says you need to replace all 3 switches and holder at once.

The customer is not aware of this!!

And parts man said he had to order parts not us so we were not privy to information to call you to order those parts.

I still would like to be refunded least half for those parts like I was promised /told by supervisor. I can not force a parts man to let me call you and order parts when he says he has to do that and I dont know.

I can't play the role of a parts person

as a customer when we have no idea what parts to order from you.

Because repairman said he has to order parts.

Hopefully later I won't find out that your appliance messed up breaker from your switches blowing fuses constantly and not knowing what you guys already knew about your appliance.

I can recommend a song for you by Kixs blow my fuse you might like it. But then again prolly not! Lol.

Frigidaire sent out a bulletin to the appliance company. How come your not letting the customers in on the know about your appliance what to replace when that has that problem? Just maybe we wld of known what the problem was too and then call you back and order those parts.

Everybody else seems to know that but the customer.

Thank you,

Mr. Rybak

804 665 ****

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Microwave.

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

Monetary Loss: $187.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Frigidaire Cons: Poor quality--parts and service.

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