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Stove Range Model #FGFL79DBE Purchased from Lowe's December 2005.

Used the broiler for the very first time on May 9, 2010 and the stove caught on fire - insulation and/or wiring began burning inside of the stove. As the house filled up with black smoke, I disconnected the gasline and removed the stove to my outside patio as it continued burning. There was smoke damage to my ceiling, walls, and to the exhaust fan above the stove. I called Lowe's, they referred me to "Frigidaire", Frigidaire Customer Service employee "RYAN"(Phillipines) stated "they would replace the stove if it was determined unsafe", Ryan gave me telephone numbers to service techs - but Ryan also took down none of "my" information. Service Tech came out confirmed stove had been on fire (burning), he did not dismantle the stove to find out the definate cause of the fire because

he felt the bottom line was that the stove was on fire, it was unsafe and to be replaced, advising me "under no circumstances was I to place that stove back inside of my house and to leave it outside and covered under the

heavy plastic sheathing" since it had continued smoldering. There was some

kind of evidence that there had been some kind of pest inside of the stove at some point in time, and most likely from either Lowe's or Frigidaire's

warehouse, but the service tech could not determine that had been the reason for the stove catching fire since he did not dismantle it and deemed it unsafe and hazardous! After reading so many other posts on both this site and Consumercomplaint.com regarding fires of Frigidaire's Stoves, I now suspect that the Repair Tech was already aware of these issues and felt there was no reason for dismantling the stove since Fires have occured in numerous others before my service call. After the Service Call,I did not hear from either Lowe's or Frigidaire for more than 3 weeks, so I called

Lowe's who now offered to sell me a new stove with a rebate; I called

Frigidaire to speak to Ryan, only the customer service people didn't know who Ryan was - because there are "two separate customer call centers", one in Georgia and the other in the Phillipines. After 3 days of trying to find Ryan, I learned about the other customer care center in the Phillipines. I called looking for Ryan, (this is already a month without a stove), Ryan was unavailable (how convenient), so now I am explaining all of this to yet another person who I can hardly understand since they can't speak very good english. She now tells me "that Frigidaire will not replace the stove but will send me a rebate for a new purchase", after telling her "this stove caught on fire and I had already been told it would be replaced by Frigidaire (ryan) and she could verify that by "their recorded quality control customer service recordings", she states "she is taking the report for their liability department", once the report is complete I ask to speak to her supervisor who is also "unavailable, but would call me back with two hours" - needless to say, I never received that call, nor have I received anything from their liability department. My stove remains covered under heavy plastic sheathing on my patio, as it has been since I dragged it burning from my house on May 9th, 2010 and injuring my back in the process. On May 27, 2010 I sent a 9 page written letter to Keith McLaughlin PRESIDENT, Robert Cook CEO, and Electrolux at their corporate address (250 Bobby James Expressway, Martinez, Georgia 30917), detailing all of these occurances and included photos of the fire damage to the stove and my kitchen/laundry room, etc. - There has been NO

RESPONSE whatsoever from Frigidaire, not their customer care people, or their corporate officers. As stated by the Tech, "the stove was in

brand new condition", it was only 4 years old and extremely clean since I take care of my appliances. I had no problems with it until I turned on the broiler for the first time, as soon as I turned it on in the lo position black smoke begam pouring out of the vents. I was TERRIFIED after already suffering a devastating house fire in August 2005. The ironic twist, is that I had purchased this stove after that fire when I was forced to move into my rental house next door in December 2005. I was completely terrified when black smoke began pouring from the stove after turning the broiler on for the 1st time. I was an emotional wreck for more than a week knowing what could and would have happened had I not climbed behind the stove, disconnected the gas line and removed it from my house. Frigidaire's corporate officers are aware of these facts contained in the letter sent to them, I have heard NOTHING from them whatsoever. All I asked was "for them to honor their agreement to replace the stove as Ryan stated it would be", I was not asking that they repair the damages to my home since I was willing to do that myself; I am going on 2 months without a stove in my house, I have an 85 year old elderly mother to care for and I can not afford anymore meals eaten out. Frigidaire could care less about it's consumers and after reading all these other posts about "fires" in their stoves, I'm wondering if that might not be the reason that

Home Depot stopped carrying these products. I cannot even find a local address to serve Frigidaire with Small Claims Court summons. They said "They would replace the Stove, and THEY NEED TO HONOR THEIR WORD AND REPLACE IT!"Damage Resulting = Meals eaten out during the last 6 weeks totaling more than $600.00 (due to my Mom's special dietary needs), painting kitchen, laundry and dining room, steam cleaning carpets and cleaning fabric items to remove smoke smell from residence, replacing exhaust fan or flushing out exhaust system to rid of smoke smell. I believe that LOWE's is also aware of these problems with "Frigidaire Stoves" since there are other people who had notified Lowe's of Fires with Frigidaire stoves that they too had purchased from Lowe's, and Lowe's would only refer them to Frigidaire. Yet, Lowe's continues Selling them without any disclosures to consumers. If Lowe's is aware of Frigidaire Stoves catching on fire, they shouldn't be selling them with that knowledge! On the ConsumerComplaint.com website, another consumer had posted an email address Chris.polk@electrolux.com He apparantly is like a district manager, This evening I send a copy of the (so far ignored)9 page letter to Frigidaire's Corporate Officers to him. I don't know if he will respond or not, but I do intend to get a replacement stove from Frigidaire.

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Massapequa, New York, United States #1244420

I just purchased a Frigidaire gallery electric stove and the two times I used it, the fire alarm in my house went off due to smoke. Also, it does not clean with the self cleaning.

What a mess!

I should have bought General Electric prior to moving. I am so disgusted with this product!


This is so frustrating. My house would have burned down if I hadn't had a fire extinguisher in the kitchen! Unbelievable they deny and said they haven't had any reports!!!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #936884

if you have rental stores.rent a stove by the month or whatever. It might be cheaper than eating out.


I was an engineer for Electronic that was fired for rejecting defective product. The brand licensing manager though it was my job to fix the unit that was submitted for product inspection.....they are under a lot of pressure to make money and do not like bad press.

It is a risk management decision....money vs.

law suits. You just lost.


Gas slide in stove bought in late 2007. Now The bottom of the oven and thoven door are all rusted.When I tried to wipe off the rust, I noticed that there are hole where the rust spots are.It was bought a Gephardt's in Glenside PA, which I found to have poor customer service.I now must buy a new stove, IT WILL NOT BE A FRIDGIDAIRE. I hope they do go out of business for producing such dangerous JUNK.

to rpfred@comcast.net Jacksonville, Florida, United States #936886

i have samsung ref. And Stove going on 5-7 yrs. Love them both.i use consumer reports magazine to help make decision


Wish I had read this earlier. I bought an awful Frigidaire stove.

It never cooked or baked right. Now, it won't shut off. Had to pull it out from the wall and unplug it. Fire hazard.

Awful stove.

Bad company - Electrolux. Hope they do go out of business.


I purchased a new stainless steel, side-by-side Frigidaire from Best Buy on 11-30-10. On January 26, it stopped producing ice and water.

Frigidaire Customer Service tried to sell me a new filter, but relented and sent me one at no charge. Just over a month later, it stopped producing again. Now, Customer Service tells me that well water causes the filter to clog up. Interesting in that our downstairs refrigerator (GE) makes plenty of ice.

Hmmm...after reading the many compliants on Frigidaire (and seemingly more since their acquisition by ElectroLux), I believe they're in trouble. Our oven, which is also a stainless steel "Professional Series" owned by our landlord, also stopped working this past weekend. The owner is looking for his receipt, but believes the oven is less than 3 years old.

They just don't build them like they use to and, worse, try to blame the consumer and not honor their warranty. This ain't your Mom's Frigidaire.


I also have an issue with Frigidaire but it is with a defective dishwasher. I am having difficulty finding a good contact number or email so I can get this resolved.

Is there anyway you can point in the right directions?

My email is posted below. Thank you for your post and an assistance you can provide.


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #196425

The Frigidaire side by side is poorly made. Had trouble with it the first month after I purchased it.

The veggie & meat bins crack and break along the rider that holds the drawers in place. The powers-that-be

have the drawers listed as cosmetic so they are not covered by a service contract. You have to pay out of pocket to replace them.

Stay away for the refrigerator, especially because the company does not stand behind that appliance; if they don't stand behind their refrigerators there's a good chance they won't about any of their other appliances.


UPDATE: After not having a stove since 5-09-10 and waging this battle for replacement with Lowes and Frigidaire, FRIGIDAIRE IS REPLACING THE STOVE,they sent another repair tech out who actually took the stove apart and "there was no evidence of any rodent activity - the insulation caught on fire" - LOWE'S has had the replacement/upgrade order since August 5, 2010 and never bothered to call me. Today I called Frigidaire's Executive Office supervisor who arranged the replacement, she placed me on hold for 40 minutes while LOWE'S transfered her from one person to the next to find out "why they had not contacted me to replace the stove"; I then called LOWE'S General Manager who WAS NO HELP when this began - just got a call back from the Store Manager in Hawthorne who told me "he sees the dated paperwork there since 8-05-10 and "is sorry" - New replacement stove will be here in 3-5 days (Because they have to order it now)!!!

Thank You Frigidaire, Lowe's is a joke!!!!!!

The store in Hawthorne has been a mess for the last 6 years that I have known of, and it is just as bad today!!! Oh, and "they want to sell me an extended warranty for my new appliance" - no thanks, I'll just purchase one from Frigidaire!!!


i just had my 3yr old stove fix at the tune of 170.00 had repair man here 3 times oven still not bakeing writeit is a speed bake call company offer me 60 off on a new stove but after reading all the badreports whatshould i do


Email address Chris.polk@electrolux.com (Frigidaire District Manager or ?)

actually received a return email from him this morning asking for the model and serial number of the stove, and whether a liability file was opened or not"?

Granted, I had already attached a 9+ page letter to Frigidaires Corporate Officers in my email to him last night, and one would think if the customer service people had actually taken the report he would have it in a file, but I gave it all to him again anyways... Don't know what drama will come from it, but at least I did get a response from someone... Stand by...


I should just add, that I think that maybe the reason Frigidaire doesn't care about Customer Satisfaction, let alone standing behind their products is because I suspect that they might be going out of business soon. I know that this kind of customer service/satisfaction, and lack of concern for their customers safety in responding to fires caused by their appliances will ultimately lead to the end of Frigidaire.

Who is going to purchase their products when there are so many online complaints from consumers regarding product fires, when Frigidaire is "ignoring" all of these Consumers! Wouldn't it be better customer service/satisfaction and more sales for Frigidaire in the long tun, to just replace these stoves than have an entire reputation history destroyed by ignored complaints regarding product fires?

I didn't even know Frigidaire was owned by Electrolux, who is now pushing appliances with Kelly Ripa as their commercial spokesperson - once people find out that Electrolux is Frigidaire and all these complaints relate to fires and bad customer service/satisfaction - they won't be buying Electrolux either. Maybe we all need to keep posting on other sites to let people know that Electrolux is Frigidaire, just in cause they are trying to phase out the name frigidaire and become Electrolux!

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