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Purchased a Frigidaire Gallery French door refrigerator in 2/19. From Day 1 it made loud, and I mean LOUD intermittent firecracker type noises at various times throughout the day and night.

Called customer service in March 2019. The first service tech scratched his head, shrugged his shoulders and referred me back to Frigidaire customer service. It went downhill from there, I made numerous calls to customer service over the next several months with a total of 8 techs responding for the same firecracker issue. Some techs tried various remedies, like dampening pads, moving refrigerant lines away from other parts etc all to no avail.

Eventually customer service extended my warrant a further six months (beyond the 12 month warranty period) and essentially told me not to call again as there was nothing they could do.

Today, an appliance repair tech (repairing another appliance) told me he was aware of the problem, having had a similar issue some months earlier. He said it was a design defect and no repair was possible. I called Frigidaire customer service yet again to advise them of what I had learned. A snooty *** said she could only send out another repair tech, for $99 (I am now outside of warranty).

So, having been that route with 8 previous repair techs, who couldnt/wouldnt identify the design flaw, I declined. Bottom line...this refrigerator model sucks and customer service is worse.

Think long and hard if in the market for any Frigidaire product. I wouldnt touch them with a 10 ft pole.

User's recommendation: Think long and hard before purchasing any Frigidaire product. Customer service sucks.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Frigidaire Cons: Do not stand by their products, Unwilling to resolve design defect.

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We've had the same issues with our model #FPBS2777RFH. Two tech's so far replaced the sound shield first time, second tech told over the phone by Frigidaire it sounds like firecrackers going off and was normal operating sounds.

So loud its wake you up at night out of a sound sleep. Poor quality product for a Frigidaire Professional Grade Appliance. Would not recommend any Frigidaire Appliance poor product and no customer service.

When you reach out to Frigidaire via emails delayed responses Covid-19 excuse. They drag it out hoping you give up and go away.

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