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It's always seemed like our burners were uneven and that the front right one would get really hot and not set to simmer. Yesterday morning we were cooking up some bacon in a frying pan and heard a loud crack.

There is a huge crack across the the whole burner! We didn't drop anything, it just swelled and cracked. super scary. I wrote to their customer service and they said I just need to order another top.

It's only 4 years old and I paid $1800 for it. Clearly this is not a safe product and they don't care. I know I can't be the only person this happened to. Don't buy glass top stoves from Frigidaire Electrolux!

Or, anything from them I guess. They don't even stand by their products.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Just happened to me 5 minutes ago


We had a Fridgidaire Gallery gas cooktop that did the same thing. We had already had to replace the igniters omn four burners.

Several weeks ago we were heating up a saute pan and heard a loud crack.

The glass completely shattered evenly, obviously from the expansion caused by the heat of normal use. Our homeowner's insurance sent a technician who claimed we must have dropped something on it.


My Frigidaire Gallery stove top cracked the first time I turned it on and Frigidaire refuses to do anything about it. I have called and emailed for a week and still no acknowledgement of responsibility by Frigidaire.


Our glass top has cracked twice in 5 years. Frigidaire will only offer 10% off part. They need to address these defective tops.


Same thing happened to me tonight! We were frying chicken and pow, glass cracked in numerous places.

Scary! Not buying another!

@K Bryan

I replaced my cooktop 5 years ago with a Frigidaire glass smooth cooktop and the glass broke after only 3 years. I was told I had to replace the whole cooktop, so I bought the same kind .

Now 2 years later the glass has cracked on this one. Why are these cooktops not very durable?

This is not a good product. The cooktop we had previously was 15 years old and we never had a problem with the glass cracking.


We have a Frigidaire glass top stove that is still under the one-year warranty. After just nine months of use my wife was making some mashed potatoes turn the stove off and as the pot and stove were Cooling she heard a loud pop.

Lots of spider cracks and one big crack front to back. No abuse here just poor engineering or materials I suppose. Called Frigidaire service and they don't want to cover or honor their warranty, they say it is a cosmetic problem.

Wow! Still trying to get some satisfaction on the issue.


We have had it with ceramic cooktops! We have GE number 3 and a pot sitting on it cracked it. If they can't take the heat, they should be gotten out of the kitchen, seriously.


I bought a Frigidaire Gallery stove in September and my tenants just told me that the cooktop just cracked. Customer Service said they will send a technician to determine the cause and to tell me if it’s going to be covered by the warranty. Will keep you posted...


Happened to me today. I put a skillet on the stove top, left front eye.

Turned the element to high and walked to the refrigerator.

Heard a crackle sound. I picked the skillet up and there were 3 scortch marks and a crack running from the middle of one.


bought the stove on sale and the door handle is broken after 2 years and glass top is cracked. Only 1 year warranty?????? what a joke


Same thing has happened to me and this is on both sides of my glass cooktop. I do not feel safe using the cooktop and will be contacting frigidaire soon


same thing happened to mines yesterday. Going to contact the company today mines is just 2 years old.


I was boiling water tonight on mine and it cracked!! No you are not the only one this has happened to




Just had the same thing happened to my General Electric glass top stove right front burner cracked in 3 different directions loud pop. Cooking a pot of soup at the time.


I also have the same problem, One replaced under Sears extended warranty because it was due to a stress fracture according to the repair tech. Well that was replaced, and 8 months later another 2 cracks, same place.

It still works on heating but wonder if it is safe to continue, cannot afford a replacement. This is too expensive to have all these problems with no restitution.


I just had the same thing happen. Font left side.

It even left a scorch mark on the glass top. In the centre of the scorch the crack starts and sort of spider webs out from there. The stove is not even a year old. Plus I bought the extended warranty.

I have to wait for a technician to come see before I know weather it will be covered or not.

However, If they don't cover it I will be taking them to court. This is not safe.




Mine too..missing there a