I bought a stove range from brandsmart. Its been over a year but I do have 4 year warranty with you guys.

I have been without a stove since April the last technician that came to my house confirm that the stove top is discontinue its not available anywhere. Brandsmart confirm the same thing. I know if I have the 4 year warranty with Frigidaire and something is discontinue. I know I am suppose to get a replacement.

I've been giving the run around and no one can give me a valid answer. Since April you guys knew that stove top was not available and have me wait for no reason.

Why oy not fair and it doesnt make any sense? What the point of having insurance/warranty and its good for nothing.

I need a stove I have been without a stove for 2 months and its not fair.

Location: Hollywood, Florida

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