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The washing machine is ripping my clothes to shreds due to a malfunction in the machine. Frigidaire refuses to fix at no cost.The washing machine is ripping my clothes to shreds due to a malfunction in the machine.

Some part in the machine is getting a white substance on my clothes and any spots that have the white substance rip and shred. I have lost hundreds of dollars in clothing due to this washing machine malfunction. There are many many websites online where there are a huge amount of consumers complaining about this same exact issue. Frigidaire refuses to fix at no cost.

They also refuse to recall the product even though there are so many complaints about this machine ruining peoples clothes. If a car company sees that there is a faulty part in a certain car they recall it and fix their mistake free of charge. This is what should be happening here. I am not the only victim.

The ruined clothing is not by any fault of the consumer it is due to the machine having some sort of malfunction. Frigidaire insists that they warranty the machine for 1 year but anything beyond that is the consumers responsibility. Does not seem right when it is a malfunction in how the machine was made. People don't buy a washing machine expecting it to work properly for only one year.

In addition it seems as though this issue only occurs after the machine has been used for some time, once the part that is causing the clothing shreds has worn down.

So they stand behind their 1 yr warranty knowing full well that the clothing shredding won't happen until after that year has passed. I want a washing machine that doesnt rip up my clothes and some compensation for all my ruined clothing.MODEL NUMBER: fafw3511kwoSERIAL: 4c03303789

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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We had a Frigidaire dryer that tore our clothes. Their customer service was horrible.

I was finally able to replace with a different brand.

Also hate the smell of the Frigidaire front load washer....impossible to completely clean it. Their products are built to last about a year at best it seems, and if you opt out of the extended warranty they tell you to buy a new appliance.

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Rub you fingers along the sides of the agitator for sharp edges . If you find any sharp edges or a rough spot then you can file that area smooth. This might fix your problem.

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