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We bought a washer / dryer set...front loader. brand new machines.

the washer vibrates so violently that it rattles the walls and throws items off the washer

Repairmen have come out 3 times, showed us the broken struts/stabilizers inside, replaced them, still not fixed...very frustrating for a large company

the washer does not always buzzes

Online service no help...each new person wants something new..calling the store no help anymore...

they tried to sell us an extended warranty !!! maybe the machine should work first !!

Frigidaire is the company.

Lousy customer service

Real quick on taking full payment!

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We had several responses from Frigidaire people and they finally got together with each other. One Saturday they came and switched out my washer for a brand new one.

This one still vibrates, you can feel it in the back of the house.

But, it is better than the original one and the awful door buzzing is gone.

I am satisfied, I have to accept the vibrating and rattling.

Then they sent me an invitation to purchase an extended warranty and the amount was higher than the amount offered when we bought the machine in July.

I will buy another brand next time, it might even be worth it to buy at Sears with their Kenmore products. I have had great dealings with Sears over the years and they ALWAYS stand by their products.

Frigidaire gave us the runaround and it took a long time to get any satisfaction. that is not the way to run a company.

On a good note, it is a fine machine, it washes my clothes well and my water bill is nice.



Thank you for expressing the information that you have on your recent experience with Frigidaire. I do apologize that you have encountered less than satisfactory customer service and unit performance.

I would like the opportunity to further discuss the concerns and comments you have if you will be so kind to email me directly with your information. Please try to include your model/serial number and at least your phone number so I may research the account history.

Here at Electrolux Appliances we do value our consumers and their insight. We also strive to achieve ultimate consumer satisfaction while standing behind each and every product we distribute. Please allow me the opportunity to work with you on a complete resolution to this matter.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation. I look forward to your email response.

Chris Polk

Online Outreach Representative

Electrolux Major Appliances, North America

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