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I made the huge mistake by buying Frigidaire products ... thinking they were a good deal. This is a letter I sent to an attorney trying to get some help:

''My particular model is LGUB2642LF, however, this problem persist over a wide range of Frigidaire/Electrolux models Frigidaire is made by Electrolux and the same style problem unit has been sold and still being sold nationwide. All of Frigidaire's Gallery Series is problematic, as well as all of Electrolux Icon line.

I bought the unit from Lowe's in Griffin,GA on January, 2011.

Since my wife is SafeServe, food service certified, I checked for the problem early, withing the first few weeks. I had a frig thermometer, which I placed inside the unit to compare to the actual door reading. The door reading is very deceptive. It shows 33 degrees, and you expect your food to be safe at that temperature, HOWEVER, we started experiencing food spoilage and food loss. It was fortunate for my family that we were educated to the causes of food borne illnesses and safe food storage, and the FDA recommended temperature storage. Thousands of others may be getting food poisoning, expecting their new frig to safely store their food.

We had the first official service call on Feb, 2011, only a few weeks after we bought the unit. It was to correct THAT problem. They replaced a "defective" sensor that was not defective and actually made the problem about 2 degrees worse. We continued to have other problems with this very poorly designed/poor quality unit ... each time we pointed out to the repairman that our original problem STILL had not been repaired. We have the unit now for about 10 months and the problem STILL has not been repaired. My total loss so far is $600.

Frigidaire has agreed to replace the unit, but only with another problem unit. FINALLY they agreed to give me a complete refund of purchase price ONLY. None of my food loss expenses were refunded, so I refused the offer until I can get some legal advice.

When you spend almost $2000 for a new unit ... you sort of expect it to do the job it was supposed to be built for. There is a certain amount of quality expected in a NEW product.

Besides the main temperature problem, there has been eight other defective parts been replaced, or adjusted and EVERY time a serviceman was here, we reminded them of the original problem. Two different repairman then verified that my internal gage was accurate by lazar or a temperature probe placed inside near my gage. The last guy that was out, used a lazar probe and NOWHERE inside the unit did it match the door readout of 33 degrees. The food itself on the top shelf measured a very unsafe temperature of 50 degrees. That is a 17 full degrees warmer than the deceptive door readout. The only safe temperature inside the unit was right back in the very bottom of 41 degrees, in the back of the unit, near an opening where the air come into the unit from the freezer.

I am still seeking an attorney for damages. After almost a year of complaints, I finally forced them to respect the US lemon law, and refund my money and replaced the Frigidaire with good Whirlpool.

I still am stuck with the Frigidaire stove I bought, and as SOON as the guarantee ran out (a year) it started having all sorts of problems.

Really, I would go with an antique icebox you have to fill all the time than to use the best of the line Frigidaire given to me free of charge. And now I understand they are selling under the name Electrolux ... DON'T BE FOOLED, it is still Frigidaire. Electrolux owns Frigidaire. One is just as bad as the other.

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I am almost 60 years old. Old enough to recognize BS when I see it in its infancy stage ... I have also dealt with Frigidaire/Electrolux long enough to recognize their SAME OLE ... SAME OLE PR BS you have placed on seemingly EVERY COMPLAINT I have seen against FRIGIDAIRE/ELECTROLUX! And THIS BS is the smelliest kind, FRIGIDAIRE/ELECTROLUX PR BS. So I am ROTFLOL at your PR comment.

I mean ... I see your same boring PR bullshi* comments ON EVERY *** one of the MILLIONS of complaints against Frigidaire/Electrolux. I doubt seriously if they even READ the complaint before copy and pasting the same old note on every one. It has to take a full staff of a thousand PR people working 24/7 just to go around to everyone of their thousands (if not millions) of complaints just to put that weak *** PR comment!?!?! DUH when will Electrolux realize it is better to spend the money on QUALITY, than paying all the PR people? If they had a QUALITY product ... they would need all this PR or massive TV advertisements.

Consumers, unfortunately this "CHRIS POLK" never does anything to rectify the real problem. Believe me -- I have contacted him as well as ELECTROLUX home office repeatedly with never a single good result. It, just like all their advertisements are all talk!

Cris, if you are SERIOUS and not just all BS ... then PROVE IT! Send me a free four year guarantee extension to my stove, so can use it. I mean -- if these are truly "QUALITY" products as you say and worth the money we spend on them, then surely it would cost you NOTHING to extend the guarantee on such a "QUALITY" product ... prove that Frigidaire is NOT ALL TALK!

I not only wasted almost $2000 on their refrigerator, which I ultimately replaced with a QUALITY product ... Whirlpool. They didn't refund my total expenses only the cost of the product ... the bare minimum that is required by the US Federal LEMON LAW. (which unfortunately will cease to exist if Romney wins)

But, I also spent almost $650 on a piece of ***. Now I am told (after only about a year) I have to spend $300 more to replace control boards and the oven igniter that stays on all the time we are cooking until it burn out.

The model of this piece of *** FRIGIDAIRE stove is #LGGF3043KFM, the serial #VF10238192. My email is ... that is if your are not all sells talk.


PS I am also copying the above message directly to the BS email address posted above.



I apologize for the inconvenience and concerns this refrigerator has been causing you. I would like to further assist you but in order to do so, will you please email me directly at with your unit's model/serial information, personal name, address, phone number and date of purchase of the unit? Thank you in advance for supplying me the information needed. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. I look forward to further resolving this matter. Please let us know if there's anything we can do in the future. At Electrolux, we stand firmly behind our products and services, and we certainly understand the value and importance of our customers. When the opportunity should arise where you are able to share your personal experience with others through one-on-one conversations, social media, or in your community, we would be most appreciate of a recommendation for our company and the Electrolux brand.

Chris Polk

Online Outreach Representative

Electrolux Major Appliances, North America


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