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Where to start let's see... I am only writing this to prevent people from the headaches I had to deal with.

I purchased this freezer because it was supposed to be commercial grade, but this freezer does not even stand up to regular residential use. The first one I purchased last year and about 2 months into using it, the freezer started to make a loud rattling sound part way into the motor running. It sounded like someone was using an industrial compressor next door to us. I called the manufacturer for help and was given some names of repair men; I called a few but only had 1 response.

When he finally came to look at the freezer, it was not making the sound at that point so he made some "fan adjustments" and told me to call him if it kept doing it. 20 min after he left it started again, so I called him and he never returned my call nor came back. Frustrated with the situation I called costco explained what happened and they picked up the faulty freezer and I purchased a second freezer thinking it was just a fluke; however last Friday I ran into another problem. I came home from work that night to hear the freezer making 2 funny clicking sounds every 10 min or so, similar to the sound it makes when going into auto defrost.

I opened the freezer and found the temp sitting around 28, way above 0. I was livid; I cranked up the freezer to 10 to see if it would make a difference. I checked about an hour later and there was no difference, the freezer was not getting colder, only the fan was running. It was now 10:30pm and had no choice but to try and save whatever was salvageable from the freezer.

I stuck what I could in my little freezer and tried calling 3 other people to see what space they had. I ran around till 1am putting things into friends freezers, but still lost around 500$ in product. The one shocker I found when I was emptying out the freezer was a melted plastic lid to a glass jar I had on the top shelf of the freezer up against the stainless steel plate. How does something melt in the freezer is my question.

Third time will not be a charm; I will be looking for another make all together. I later tried to contact Electrolux/Frigidaire to let them know about the faulty products and this was their response, and by the way their warranty gets them out of covering anything:

"Thank you for contacting Electrolux Appliances.

We have sent you the manual explaining what the warranty does not cover.

Please find it attached and kindly read page 11. If your unit is not yet fixed, please contact under warranty the following servicer to fixe it: Transglobal 1-800-360-2742.Once more thank you for contacting Electrolux Appliances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Freezer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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